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NCover Collector, when connected to Code Central, allows QA teams to quickly and effortlessly collect code coverage and provide feedback to managers and team leads. By integrating NCover into the quality assurance process, development and QA can work together to improve overall code health. For large projects and large teams, configuration settings allow managers to focus on specific sections of code and consolidate multiple executions.

Collector, when connected to Code Central, provides a flexible solution for collecting coverage and managing overall code quality

Confirm Quality From Outsourced Testing

Test globally, manage locally

Outsourcing development may be necessary for your team to deliver products on time or within budget, but that does not mean that quality must suffer. Time, location and language barriers can conceal flaws in code that may not be properly tested, or thoroughly reviewed. Requiring outsourced companies to use NCover and meet quality thresholds helps increase the quality of the code at the end of a project.

Time, location and language are no longer barriers to code quality with Collector and Code Central.